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About SEO Analyst Chennai

I'm a  Freelance SEO Consultant situated in Chennai, India, with knowledge of helping organizations, both substantial & small with Local SEO & Small Business SEO 

The methodology I take to search engine optimization is to first conduct an audit and analysis of your site to secure qualities, strengths, weakness and opportunities in connection to: 

• Performing website definite keyword research, focused competitor analysis and analyze the  strength of the site in the online space.

• Developing and executing a link building campaign, backlink analysis, finding the opportunities to improve the optimization.

• Implementation and organization of SEO programs like (XML Sitemaps, google analytics, webmaster tools).

• Monitoring and assessing google analytics dashboards and reports to create and suggest SEO techniques. 

Then work with you to: 

1. Rank your site for suitable, profitable keywords
2. Build brand visibility & online authority of your website
3. Increase the traffic on your website

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