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Link Building

Link Building is a technique to grow the popularity of a website & links. As per Google algorithm, Link building is an important ranking factor, which gives attention to the trustworthy & relevancy of a site. It should be made with quality, high ranking, popular, trustworthy, relevant websites, otherwise it will be considered a spammy website and that site will be penalized by the google.

Building a link is a return of investment in search engine optimization, how linking has been done in search engines that will make rank higher or penalized.

Link building techniques:
1. Natural Link Building
2. Unnatural Link Building or Manual Link Building

Link Building Techniques

Unnatural Link Building technique (off-page optimization)

1. Social Media Share
2. Social Bookmarking Sites Submission
3. Local Listing Submission
4. Infographics Submission
5. Image Submission
6. Video submission
7. Press Release Submission
8. Blog Commenting & Review Submission

Social Media Activity

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